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James Hill
Author, Service Provider
The Ruby Cradle
James L Hill, author
It is the turn of the nineteenth century. The industrial age has begun. Steam powered ships has taken over the oceans. Factories are going up across Europe and America. There is a resurgence of activity in the castles in the mountains and when the Crimean War breaks out Zabella is sent to her grandmother, Rehema to learn about the dragons. Rehema mentally transcends the girl to the First Split (1000 A.D.), the wars her mother, Apollonia, fought to destroy the dragons as they had spread across Asia, Africa, and Europe. It began as they built castles and started controlling men with gold. The dragons led the Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese empires over the centuries. The dragons turn Molytans into Ogres as their generals that lead huge armies and protect them when their powers wane at night. New dragons come to power in Europe and now threaten the balance of power in the world. The world of dragons is one of total destruction. They take over an area and cause wars until the world is in ruins. The dragons can’t be killed but can be drained of power causing them to turn into ruby-like stones. Only a dragon can consume another dragon, increasing its power. Apollonia becomes a sorceress and can retain her power for years out of water with the help of her sisters. She raises a champion in France to battle the dragons’ growing threat of England’s Cockerot and Russia’s Deyhezas. After destroying a Castle in the Alps and capturing its dragon in the Ruby Cradle, Napoli, the Dragon Killer, confronts the English at the Battle of Hastings. Apollonia returns to the sea and spawns two more mermaids. Afterwards she returns to the world of men to continue the hundred year war and is burned at the stake as Joan of Arc. Zabella knows she must prepare men to fight and destroy the dragons before the world is at war once more. She knows dragons can be killed.