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A.L. Exley
The Runestone Guardians
A.L.Exley, author
...the Wolf who chased the Sun created a Tenth Realm for them, the Realm of Sølvefalske... The best part of Shifting into a wolf for Ylvana Mikkelson was connecting to the world like no other human could. The worst part was getting kidnapped by her kingdom’s worst enemy, the Crows, and threatened to do their bidding. Escape has left her miles from safety somewhere in a treacherous mountain range. Traveling with adorable red fox Pine, watchful barn owl Månen, and mysterious lone wolf Jay, Ylvana fights one danger after the other to get home. But how can she run when her people need the Wolf Princess to save them?

Enjoyable fantasy adventure blending shapeshifters with Norse mythology and the talking animals add plenty of whimsy!

Favourite lines by various characters:
Pine the cute little fox: "Then how do you explain that freaky head-spinny thing?" Manen the motherly barn owl "For the last time: I have extra bones in my neck!"
Ylvana "Thou hast little faith in mine own dumb luck."
Skoll the mighty wolf "You shall live, chained to this world to watch the consequences of what you have done."

Two princesses: Miria who'll inherit the throne and her cousin Ylvana a shapeshifter. Kidnapping by the Crows (a rival tribe of shapeshifters) and treasonous betrayal await the girls. Will they and their loyal companions survive to return home? Will Manen need to prove why owls have no predators?

This is book 1 of the Runestone Guardian series and the end is a cliffhanger so I hope the rest of series will soon be available to purchase via smashwords.

Book needs proofreading to correct spelling; grammar and homophone errors.