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The Saint of Baghdad
CJ BRINK is an unlikely vigilante. Outwardly, he’s a broken hero, haunted by macabre visions. But as the sole-survivor of a brutal terrorist hostage-taking, he’s verified as unbreakable and driven by promises to the dead and by troubling questions. Like who set them up and why? There are plenty of candidates—corrupt politicians, double-dealing spies, even the shady guns-for-hire outfit he used to work for. CJ wants answers, but all he gets is trouble. That’s not so bad. He’s a special forces veteran, a bodyguard hardened on the world’s most dangerous streets. Trouble is his profession. And as he uncovers a mystery that's stacked like a Russian doll, action explodes, heading for a showdown with a killer twist. The key to it is buried in his bloody past. But with his life pinned to a target, can he survive long enough to dig it out?