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The Sara Chronicles Book 5
laura hughes, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The tides are turning and evil has its turn to be in control It was written long ago in the books of creation. Since the beginning of time good and evil have shared the worlds with a kind of uneasy understanding that each must exist to balance the other out. Many changes have occurred with the Keepers and suddenly they find themselves on the losing side of the scale. Evil has now taken control of the surface of the worlds, all seven of them, and all that is good has now been forced below to hide in caves and wait for their chance to fight back. The older Keepers are dying off. Sara, Thomas and James have gone to the afterlife to find a way to defeat Braccus, leaving Alice, Randall, Eric, Finola, Vincent and Franklin as the new guardians of what is left of the civilized worlds. The surface is ruined, everything is dead or dying. How can the Keepers make a difference after death and save what is left of the human population from the monsters that now roam the surface, restlessly seeking a way to get below and finish destroying the people hidden there