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The Scent of Roses, Book I: Revolution
Lasting effects of radiation poisoning clog the air, stifling telecommunications, endangering reproduction, and leaving the land barren of trees and plants. Survival has been achieved under manmade safety structures, and relentless sanitizing of the atmosphere. “The Scent of Roses, Book I: Revolution” is Sabrina Seidner’s first in a trilogy depicting humanity’s struggle to repopulate and create a successful society, at all costs. An esteemed Maintainer for the Powers, Heather Staman is jettisoned from Safe Zone I and sent to the original Emergency Pods, where the environment is brutal and society is run by lawless revolutionaries. Tasked with reclaiming a genetically desirable young being for raising by breeders, Heather is thrust into a chaotic, yet thrilling world. Passionate, vulnerable, yet fearless, Heather drives the story through death defying twists and turns that will challenge her most cherished beliefs and jeopardize her closest relationships.