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The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve
The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve, is a book written for anyone who has ever navigated healthcare and wondered if there is a simpler way to get effective care. This book breaks down common, urgent health issues that any ordinary person should know about. Riveting, true stories highlight what can happen when you don’t know what to do in a health situation. The goal of this book is to help ordinary people understand what to say and do if they are confronted by a health issue in simple, understandable terms. In The Secret Language of Healthcare, health advocacy pioneer Robin Shapiro identifies situations where understanding the language and how to use it can dramatically impact your health. Compelling, real stories reveal how your words, phrases and actions can transform your care. By reading this book, you will: • Discover how to work more powerfully with your doctor • Learn how to use questions that can make the difference between life and death in the hospital • Become more confident and effective in navigating your health journey • Know what to do to be prepared before you are facing a critical medical situation • Understand which independent experts are available to help you when you need it