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The Secret Wisdom of The New Jewish People
New Guide Reveals: How You Can Make A Change To The World By Following These New Secret Jewish Wisdom's. INTRODUCTION The background to writing this guide is a common concern for the fate of humanity. Therefore this guide is published in order to provide everyone with the tools to create major change and raising humanity on a new path – and it all starts with YOU. Sometimes the secret is in seeing things from a different angle, a different perspective from the one you have been used to, educated to during your life, as then you find out things that has been hidden from you, such as how meaningfully and unique life is. In accordance, this guide aims to present before you the power of positive thinking and creative imagination. This guide doesn’t necessarily assume to innovate, but it presents before you what you already know in a sharp, clear and concise way with the goal to help you realize yourselves and your dreams for best. This guide doesn’t even pretend to explain the religious meaning of the mitzvahs but, of how those are used as a moral code. It was written with the goal to bring you to see with new eyes the reality where whom you live emphasizing the basic moral values, and also to ask the questions – whether and how the society which you live follows those values? how you yourself follow that social ladder? and finally to give you the power to deal with this everyday personal conflict between instinct and moral code. The solution to our problems lies in increasing the awareness to the relationships between us. An ideal society exists by providing each and every individual with optimal conditions for survival and with optimal use of environmental resources. The process of turning the world into a global village is no circumstantial but a natural step in the development of our civilization in the direction of complete harmony. At the end of the process there will be a balanced system that all its parts are interconnected in mutual relations and cooperation. The process humanity is experiencing nowadays is an essential step in the formation of a single human family, a community that will provide the interests of all of us if only we will function as healthy parts of it. A more evolved consciousness means new thinking, and it is the key to a new civilization. Likewise, when we will succeed in creating a change in the value system of the environment in which we are, so that altruistic values such as connecting to others and caring for each other will be at the top of the ladder, each of us will change its attitude to others. Leviticus, 19, 18` "Love your neighbor as yourself"