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The Seven Step Guide to Authorpreneurship (Second Edition)

Seven revolutionary steps to selling more books & becoming the Authorpreneur you are meant to be

Congratulations, you've finished the first draft. Your next challenge? Creating a business that generates regular income while allowing you to do what you love. Authors have unlimited resources, opportunity and potential to cultivate a successful writing life, break out, and find an audience for their work. Yet so many still find their careers stuck in neutral.

Get ready to drive your book to success!

Reinvigorated with relevant, well-organized information plus proven tips and best-selling strategies, this award-winning guide is a trusted resource you should consult again and again as you build your career. The first to take authors of all genres and status from concept to execution, Rochelle Carter provides the tools you need to succeed. In this revised and refreshed second edition, you’ll discover:

  • How to polish your manuscript and work with editors
  • How to successfully develop your publishing strategy- even if you’re traditionally published
  • How to start building your author platform
  • Secrets to engaging your audience
  • The best methods for launching your book
  • How to avoid early author burnout
  • Strategies for long-term author success
  • The best writing & marketing tips from bestselling authors

Don't succumb to excuses or procrastination. Dive into authorpreneurship with gusto and enthusiasm. Become an independent, innovative, and iconic Authorpreneur, today!