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The Silent Rhymes of a Snowflake
Jaclyn Lewis, author

“The windows of the train station reflect the fountain behind us. Andre and I walk hand in hand—headed toward an unknown future with the weight of destiny resting on us. I feel empty inside, but also like this was the moment I was born for. The moment so many will be born for.”

When Genesis awakens on the planet Erimos with incomplete memories—wiped of all personal elements, she immediately questions her surroundings and the truth of what is “real”. Over time, however, she’s kept busy with her work in the diamond mines as part of the “Snowflake Program”—an effort to replenish Earth of it’s depleted resources, and she becomes comfortable.

Until, that is, the dreams become more intense—dreams that she concludes are lost memories. As she begins to untangle the webs of secrecy that surround Camp Global Commerce, the company that runs the “Snowflake Program”, Genna also uncovers things hidden in her past—things that go beyond what she can imagine and could change the future of two galaxies forever.

Mankind is in need of a rescue. Will Genna be able to stop a madman trying to control the human race, or will her own existence be the undoing? Genna’s story is one lived in the gap where contradiction kisses harmony and brings it into rhyme.