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The Singing Stones of Rendor (Eidolon Trilogy) (Volume 1)
Endowed with a magical ability not seen since the ancient Rendor Empire, life for K’Las just turned dangerous—and he’s not even born yet. His parents hide him in plain sight for several years until they learn of a plot to seize an heirloom and enslave the powerful magical voices that blend with the family treasure. The family manages to escape the clutches of cold-blooded zealots from the Grand Peer that chases them to one of Rendor’s mysterious great henges. A wild and shrewd wizard who hides within the henge, learns of the family’s secret treasure and vanquishes one of the zealots, but not out of altruism. He too is covetous of the powerful treasure the family holds dear. Trapped between a ruthless killer and a crazed wizard, K’Las must quickly learn to control his nascent skills to help his parents best their foes. If he can’t, it won’t matter which of their foes wins—his family will surely die. Even if he does succeed, the hostile and unstable world order will not permit such unrestrained magic.
Alan Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Whoot! Whoot! December 12, 2014

By Alan Black

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Neils Knudsen has shown the whole new class of fantasy writers how it is done. The Singing Stones of Rendor is simply a wonderfully written young adult story of magic, politics, and family with enough action to satisfy the most adventurous of readers. This book in the series is obviously book one in a trilogy.

K'Lar is the child of traveling tinkers on a world where magic is intertwined with music and where magic is carefully controlled so only those in power can wield its power. He and his parents ply their trade around their planet, keeping their magical abilities hidden and keeping the magic key even more secret. Death will follow if they are caught with the key and if their true abilities to weave magic are discovered. Enforcers and inquisitors follow them at every step.

My only issue with this book is that it does end without any apparent conclusion, so abrupt that it almost stops in midsentence. Yes, it is a trilogy and the cover clearly gives us warning, but this book is all beginning and middle, with its end held in abeyance until later in the series. That is not to say that I do not recommend this book, just be prepared to buy the next book...soon. You will want to.

Alan Black, author of Titanium Texicans

C. W. Johnson

5 of 5 stars 

CW Johnson on Dec. 18, 2014 :  
Such a masterfully crafted tale filled with mysticism and wizardry. I found myself locked into the story until the last page. I highly recommend this novel! 

Jodi Milner (Goodreads)

Jan 19, 2015 Jodi rated it 5 of 5 stars

Shelves: fantasyfiction

I love a good fantasy that has me turning the pages and this book has done just that. Knudsen’s music based magic system is unique and different enough from those I’ve seen before to be intriguing. His colorful cast of characters are everything from quiet and brooding to dimwitted and gregarious, with lots of variety in between. If you like unique magic, good vs evil, and coming of age books, you will like this book.

Justin Cook

 Must read, January 19, 2015


Justin Cook 5 out of 5 stars

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This review is from: The Singing Stones of Rendor (Eidolon Trilogy) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

This book has turned me into a reader of fantasy. I love the magic and the colorful tapestries that were woven into my imagination. I can't wait to see where this journey will take me!

Michelle Stanley (Readers Favorite)

5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

The Singing Stones of Rendor is Book 1 from the Eidolon Trilogy by Neils Knudsen. When K’Las was born to tinkers, Willim and B’Tris Campanill, his aunt Haegatess transferred her potent magical powers to him before dying. His parents also possess this magic known as weaving, and can perform spells using their tuning forks that respond to music. The family go into hiding when Inquisitors of the Great Henge, who want to control weaving for their own selfish purposes, send Enforcers to kill them. An evil wizard covets B’Tris’ valuable fork to assert his authority over the Henge, but needs B’Tris’ melodious voice to make the fork work. However, one Enforcer decides to take matters into his own hands while some villagers form an alliance with the Campanills to stop the wizard. K’Las’ parents soon realize his weaving skills are greater than theirs, but his stubbornness and impatience to prove his worth often makes him act recklessly.

Neils Knudsen’s novel, The Singing Stones of Rendor, is a pleasant young adult fantasy. It is Book 1 from the Eidolon Trilogy with an eye-catching beginning. The author does not readily define a weaver or other magical terms used in the story, preferring to enlighten readers while the drama unfolds. The unique plot blends music into the magic to make spells work. A selection of interesting characters who display assorted personalities and intelligence levels make the story more entertaining. I think the story ended too abruptly, but nonetheless, it is a nicely written novel.

Paperback Book Details
  • 9781496129727 1496129725
  • pages
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