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The Siren Dead
C.F. Harrow, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

The Siren Dead tells the story of Ariadene and Lyxander. Ariadene was a refugee, displaced from her home by the war between the ancient powers of Archea and Tyria. Ariadene’s beauty caught the attention of a cruel Archean General, and her family’s desperation pushed her toward him. But Ariadene favoured Preneus, a disguised Prince of Tyria. Twenty years after the fall of Tyria, Lyxander is the first to ever escape the island prison that holds Tyria’s taken children. Some believe that Lyxander is the son of Preneus, and the heir of Tyria’s toppled throne. To prove himself, Lyxander will have to make a treacherous journey through Archea in search of Ariadene, who is the only one who can tell him what really happened when the great city of Tyria fell.