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Hardcover Details
  • 12/2014
  • 978-0989869256 0989869253
  • 48 pages
  • $20.00
The Skipping Stone

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Sometimes, when we truly hope and dream and wish really hard for something, it will come true—the power of our imagination is a wondrous thing. If you’ve ever tossed a penny in the fountain or made a wish on the North Star, you know what I mean. There are so many ways to make a wish, and sometimes we will discover yet one more way from someone we meet along the way, like Nick in The Skipping Stone. Nick is an ordinary little boy fervently yearning for something extraordinary to happen. One day, on a family outing, his dream comes true in a rather unusual way. When Nick’s wishful thinking finally pays off, could it be that he ends up with a special memento to remind him of his extraordinary day? A charming story beautifully brought to life with colorful illustrations, The Skipping Stone is just right for wee ones who love being read aloud to and for children just learning how to read, ages 0-7.

5 stars—This charming book ushers children’s imaginations into that realm where anything is possible
This charming book ushers children’s imaginations out of a boring day into that realm where anything is possible.
The jewel-like illustrations provide a magical backdrop to this enchanting excursion into the land of ‘what if’. I don’t
believe I will pick up another smooth, flat stone on the beach, without thinking of Nick’s extraordinary day. I highly
recommend this delightful book to all young children.
—Catherine Page Burnett

5 stars—I love it!
“My mother told me this story many times as a child, it was always my favorite. So happy it’s now in print for all children to enjoy, I love it!”

5 stars—Delightful children’s book
“The Skipping Stone is a beautifully illustrated, delightful children’s book that my young grandchildren have loved. In fact, it’s a nightly “must” for each of them and they eagerly look forward to their nighttime ritual. The story is touching and adventurous and has a lovely ending. The cover itself is very attractive with soft greens and other colors and the pages are easy to read and very eye catching as well. I highly recommend this book for children as well as for adults who may wish to read a timeless story and enjoy a beautifully created masterpiece.”
—Lorrie Jones

5 stars—Lovely book!
“This is a very interesting story that shows us how so many things are connected, and life has an incredible way of working. The illustrations are beautiful with gorgeous, vivid colors. A sweet reminder of how it truly is a small world. I look forward to more work from this author!”
—Kat D. R.

5 stars—My 6 year old got more excited with each page…
“The water color illustrations really are quite beautiful and I swear I’ve been to that beach!
My son got more excited as the story builds, guessing what was going to happen on each next page. Lots of fun to read with him.”
—Mark Benoit

5 stars—Fantastic for little ones
“My three year old loves this book! First off, the story is really cute and the theme is really original. I like knowing that this was a personal story told to the author’s children (as mentioned in the “about the author”), because you know this was told with a passion and love for stories, which I tend to find much more meaningful. I loved that it isn’t overly wordy because my son is usually turning the page before I can even get it read. The illustrations were great, especially the fish, my son wanted to turn back the pages a few times to look at them again. I definitely recommend this book to anyone with little ones!”

5 stars—My grandson loves it
“I bought this for Christmas for my three-year-old grandson, and had the pleasure of reading it to him right away. He was pretty attentive for a three-year-old, and immediately wanted me to read it again. It’s a cute story, and the art is lovely-great colors. His parents love it too. Good job, Kelly, keep it up!”
—Lauren Turner

5 stars—I highly recommend this book
“I gave this book to my grandson for Christmas. I highly recommend this book. It is one of my grandsons favorite books. The illustrations are beautiful and has a great story line.”
Judi Donahue

5 stars—My 5 yr-old enjoyed
“This is a really sweet book that my 5 year old and 9 year old both love. The art is fantastic. This book has been many times re-read for my little one.”
—Meghana Subramanian

5 stars—Charming story and lovely illustrations
“I love the illustrations that really enhance a charming story. It is a quality work. The physical size, story length, and vocabulary all work well for early readers. The story will resonate with children and will probably lead to new adventures for parents and children.”
—Luisa di Borgo a Mozzano

5 stars—A very unique story
“Story: simple but unique. Design: attractive. Readability: kids can read the book easily. Colors: goes with theme. Highly recommend this book.”
—Binu Reghunathan

Hardcover Details
  • 12/2014
  • 978-0989869256 0989869253
  • 48 pages
  • $20.00