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The Solar Disruption of 2020
Barry Bowen, author
We have the missing link, the reason why the Sun as the answer to global warming failed to launch. Scoff if you will, but the proof is coming in 2020 and the scoffers need to get out of the way. We speak of the Solar Disruption we claim will be in full swing in 2020. The Sun will assume its rightful place resolving one of the most serious of man’s problems These are exciting times, and for once in our lives we save money in the household budget. We will get aboard this train because we cannot afford to miss out. The Establishment will not like it, especially when they see poorer countries have power without huge infrastructure costs. Especially when they see their income stream fade away. They will find another way to open our wallets and gouge our hard-earned cash, but we have a significant victory, and a reason to celebrate. But know this: the VolterX Battery Charge Controller is key. It is the reason Solar Power has not been the breakthrough it promised for more than thirty years. We put the panels on our roof, and they controlled how much money we save. That is not good enough anymore. We have a taste of freedom, and it feels good.