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The Soul of a Poet
We are all basic products of our environment, but possibility for changing. I was raised by my grandmother and grew up in a spiritual and compassionate loving environment. We are all spiritual being having a human experience. We live in two worlds, spiritual and natural. We are not able to see the spiritual world with the natural eye. It takes the light and Jesus is the light of the world. When he left earth and ascend into heaven, his spirit was left behind to guide us. (The Believers) His spirit is the light that lives in our heart. As long as you have the light, the enemy can’t easily slip upon you. But those that live in darkness, the enemy use them to destroy, rob and kill. How do you defend yourself against an enemy you can’t see or be aware of? We walk by faith and not by sight, because of the light. I would like to acknowledge my daughter Dr. Callie Lalugba for her input at the age 15 for some of the poems she wrote, also for the inspiration of my youngest daughter Jennifer Sparks. I pray a blessing to all that read and enjoy my poetry.