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The Spaewife's Secret
When the death of his estranged mother calls Lachlan McGinley home to the remote and desolate Isle of Lewis after a twenty-year absence, he is forced to face the ghosts he left behind; some real, some imagined and some straight from Scottish lore. But twenty years may not have been long enough for the locals to let go of their suspicions. As Lachlan begins to retrace the steps that led to a childhood friend’s death, he finds himself caught in a web of lies and secrets whose roots are intertwined with his own identity. A secreted childhood love affair, an indignant mother, and a seer who seems to know more about Lachlan than he knows about himself all lend a hand in leading him to the reality he thought he believed and then to the truth that lay beyond it. The Spaewife’s Secret is full of twists and turns, riddles and lies, reality and myth that play pivotal roles in Lachlan’s search for the truth; who, or what killed his best friend, Arden Scott, twenty years ago in the hills behind Bosta Beach.