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The Staff and the Sword
T.K. Kohl, author
In the middle of the jungles of Peru, an earthquake exposes a building deep within a crack in the earth. World-renowned archeologist Dr. Henry Jedidiah is asked to take his team into Peru. They discover ancient scrolls and tablets, which propel the Jedidiah family onto a path toward an artifact stolen thousands of years ago, to protect the world. Throwing caution to the wind, they ignore all the warnings written in the scrolls and tablets. Believing the warnings are nothing but superstitions, the Jedidiah family are compelled to find this artifact. Upon finding it, one man is propelled to great power, while all life on earth—plant, animal, and mankind—is being destroyed. The Jedidiah family must race against time, searching the scrolls and tablets to find the answer, to find the one who can save the world before it’s too late…but they make unexpected discoveries instead. With nothing left, the Jedidiah family must trust the staff and the sword. This vivid, richly character-driven epic adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat!