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The Stress Eating Solution: A Proven, Neuroscience Method for Ending Overeating
Stress eating, mindless eating, food addiction, and binge eating are caused by neural pathways in the emotional brain. The method is evidence-based and each took is carefully crafted for easy use and quick results. The book contains three books in one! Begin by discovering the neural pathway in your brain that triggers overeating, and learn what it is seeking through overeating (safety, love, comfort, or pleasure). Next, use simple emotional tools to de-activate that wire, so cravings stop on the spot. Don't live with cravings, zap them! Last, avoid relapse by identifying the circuits, often encoded in childhood adverse events, later trauma or the stress overload of modern life, and transform those pathways so that you can experience lasting change. The tools give you amazing power in all domains of life, so the book – the latest tools of emotional brain training – will change your eating and your life!