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Sara Hammel
The Strong Ones: How a Band of Civilian Women Made Their Mark on the Army
Sara Hammel, author
They said women couldn’t keep up. They said women weren’t strong enough to do the military’s toughest jobs. In 1995, a ragtag band of civilians came to prove them wrong. THE STRONG ONES will inspire a new generation with its cast of ordinary women overcoming daunting obstacles—and will thrill readers with a stunning and heartwarming twist. This is the inspiring true story of forty-five civilian women, including the author, who volunteered for a controversial seven-month Army strength study in 1995—and proved just how strong women can get. A hybrid of memoir and military history that will appeal to fans of Wild and Ashley’s War, The Strong Ones lays bare the raw emotions, vulnerabilities, and body image struggles of those who dug deep to show what it means to be a strong woman—in every sense.