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The Subjects, Aim (Volume 1)
P.R. Castle, author
Imagine freedom after 18 years of imprisonment in a secret laboratory. What would you do to the man - the Professor - who performed cruel experiments on you? When Subject B and her sister, Subject A finally escape the lab, freedom is still out of reach, as memories of the lab haunt them, and they are driven by the obsession to find out why this happened to them. As Subject A tries to control the darkness within her sister, Subject B is faced with the choice to forgive the Professor or take her revenge. Pick up this page-turner today! Author Interview: What inspired you to write this story? I am fascinated by the idea of freedom and choice. I wanted to write a book that explored the concept of freedom when you are thrown into dire situations through no fault of your own. I also wanted to unravel and compare the loss of physical freedom versus the inability to be free in mind and spirit due to mental constraints like obsession and anger. Who would enjoy this novel? If you like Stranger Things and The Maze Runner, then you will love The Subjects, Aim. On one level, Aim is a fast-paced adventure of escape and survival, on another level it is an emotional and psychological exploration of freedom and what makes us human. It is action-packed for those who want pure entertainment, but also has something for those who want to think a little deeper.