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J. B. Spector
The Sunlit Curse
When twelve-year-old Prince Thomas de Thorodan gets magically whisked away to a strange new land, he has three things on his mind: Break the curse, find a way home . . . and don't drown!Thomas's world gets flipped upside down literally when he becomes cursed by a spell that changes him into a merboy during the day and back into a human at night. Forced to live in a strange world ruled by the Tides, Thomas must quickly learn to swim with a tail while also steering clear of dangerous sharks as well as other mysteries of the deep.Swim with Thomas as he explores the village of Meramor and meets other merfolk, some kind and others intolerant of his human half. Thomas will need all the help he can get to find his way home and save the ones he loves. But how will he do so without abandoning this amazing new world beneath the waves?