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The Thai Way of Counterinsurgency
This book describes Thai counterinsurgency (COIN) strategies, operations, and tactics for three wars ranging from 1965-present. Some of its highlights: - Provides an insider’s view of 50 years of Thai national security and Irregular Warfare (IW) decision-making in a way that no book has previously done - Profiles the war against communist insurgents (1965-85); southern separatists (1980-1998); and southern separatists/Islamist jihadists (2004-present/2014) - Discuses major Thai defense and political personalities and the impact of their leadership - Contains lessons RE: strategizing and executing IW/COIN, including successes and failures - Covers military, political, and economic operations in detail - Based on IW monitoring and operations planning model devised by the author - Especially relevant for America’s “Asia pivot” and understanding Thailand, Southeast Asia, and China
By Lt. Col. Andrew M. Johnson, U.S. Army, Retired, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Mil

"The Thai Way of Counterinsurgency is essential for all practitioners and students of security studies and irregular warfare. Moore's writing is easily comprehended and well paced. It does not delve so deeply into details that the reader would become lost or bored. There are many lessons here that can be applicable in whole or in part for U.S. forces in current and future conflicts."