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The The Hard Road to Staying Thin, Healthy and Youthful, while enjoying Life and Food to the Fullest
Dafna Lazar, author



"The Hard Road to Staying Thin, Healthy and Youthful, while Enjoying Life and Food to the Fullest."


By Dafna Lazar

 This is a true story that starts with a tragic fall, literally from a Garden of Eden into an abyss. Due to her own reckless action - a fatal flaw, perhaps - the protagonist loses everything she had. She is on the verge of exiting life. Instead she finds herself running and concomitantly begins a series of other intense purifications. To her astonishment, she achieves through these a state of transcendence and ecstasy, which allows her to choose life. From then on a breathtaking struggle begins, to maintain her physical, emotional and spiritual well being while somehow living in the very challenging actual world. The tale spans through decades, two continents, and is replete with dramatic setbacks and triumphs. Through endless trials and errors, a “system” evolves which ultimately enables her to achieve a perfect balance, and maintain extraordinary thinness, health and youthfulness. Many people these days will hopefully find here the guide and inspiration to achieving thinness, fine health and well being, while fully enjoying food and life.