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Tennessee Gunns
Author, Illustrator
The Tobacco Barn

Adult; Romance; (Publish)

Hook – Define success. Mickey Starr’s achievements are numerous and yet a yearning for something more drives him to the brink of destruction. Friends and family vow to love Mickey through the turbulent and sordid trials of life. How far will a man go to keep his promise? The Tobacco Barn is an 79,100-words. Southern Fictional. Back Cover- When wealthy businessman Mickey Starr loses his wife, Nedra, and his fishing boats in the same year, he’s motivated to enlist his grandson Tipp and singer-soldier Volt to help him restore his fleet and keep his promise to his wife. Follow Mickey, Volt, and Tipp as they plan to redeem the company, and fulfill a promise. Bullets and fists fly among the chaos as rival jealousy comes against love and commitment.