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The Train, A Pilgrim Odyssey
Allan Ramsay, author
A train headed for Hell with all humanity on board, most seemingly oblivious to their fate. The train's ruling elite use the Communications Centre to broadcast fake news, but they are influenced by sinister spiritual forces. An ancient document called The Message offers the only alternative. It tells of a great King, Victor Love, who will one day rule the Earth, making King's City His capital city and bringing world peace. Most dismiss The Message as naive hate speech. Those who believe it must go to the rear of the train - the End Section - which will be detached at Calvary Junction and will journey to King's City to meet the returning King. Simon Seeker and Paul Comforter journey to the End Section, shadowed by Nicole Enigma, head of Train Security. They experience scorn, temptations and persecution. On reaching the End Section, they find it comprised of the Contented Carriage and the Contrite Carriage, each containing passengers with differing ideas of what The Message is. Will they have to make a terrible choice? It's the glories of King's City or the horrors of Hell for all eternity. The stakes could not be higher.