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Lee Bridges
The Transition: Do Shit, Get Shit Done!
Lee Bridges, author

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

Lee Bridges can teach you how to do s**t, and get s**t done - if you want to take charge of your life and find the courage that you have long forgotten, Lee’s techniques and no BS approach will enable you to transform your life and learn how to totally master it. Lee presents you with all of the support you will need to take charge and absolutely own your now, and your future!


Hilarious, page turning book that will help you change your life

I can’t articulate how much I think of this book. Proper page turner, funny, engaging, feel good and SO down to earth and it provides so many tools to help you without an ounce of judgement, only genuine support. It’s like going on a journey with your best mate, the good best mate who tells you you’re wasting your happiness and then is there every step of the way to help you sort it out. I did myself a massive favour buying this and I absolutely love it. Recommend this without hesitation !!!!


Telling it straight

What a great read. I've read a few motivational books and this is by far the best. The style is down-to-earth and feels like a conversation with a good friend rather than just a slog of science mumbo jumbo. A guide for this modern day where so much disconnection has come about with technology - this book will help lead you back to the path and set you on your way. No BS, no quick fix, but a perspective to help think in a different way.

Truly refreshing, give it a go!


 Effective, honest, and supportive

Honestly, this was exactly what I needed to read (particularly during lockdown when motivation is harder to find) - genuine and straight-to-the-point writing from an author who really believes that anyone can be their best self. After reading I felt supported, empowered, and capable of taking charge of my everyday habits and thought patterns. Would thoroughly recommend!


If you're going to add any book to your MUST READ list, make it this one

I love the way the author Lee Bridges writes. He's conversational, easy, crystal clear and as far removed from the smoke and mirrors of many books of this kind as you can imagine. His commentary is on point and and gets to the point quickly. He doesn't waste words unnecessarily and succinctly manages to get drive the message home in a relaxed and really relatable manner. The substance of his book has been thought provoking for me too and underlined so many areas I needed to focus on in my own life. It's been a revelation reading this book and I'm so pleased I read it. I genuinely feel much clearer in so many ways.

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