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The Trilogy: The Other Book Of God: Do You Know the Only Book of God?
God Considers each and every one of us His Children. God had a Conversation with All of His Children before the Foundation of the World. In that Conversation, He Asked His Children the same Question. In 1977, I had a Dream about a faraway place. In that faraway place was my Soul Mate. Once we come together we will live happily ever after. I had the same Dream for about a year. “Soul Mate” was my answer to the Question from God. In 1978, I left Kansas City “In Search Of My Soul Mate.” Through my search, I developed a Relationship with God through the Holy Spirit and it is a “Love Affair.” “Word of Wisdom,” “Word of Knowledge” and “Discerning of Spirits” are my Gifts from God. From them I See Truth, Read People and Situations, See the Lessons in the Situations and always get to the “Heart Of The Matter.” “In Search Of My Soul Mate,” “Love Affair” and “Heart Of The Matter” came together for “The Trilogy.” All God’s Children go through “God’s Process.” “The Trilogy” is using my Life to show “God’s Process” can be Accomplished. “In Search Of My Soul Mate” and “Love Affair” are Free Downloads at my Website, Blogs Posted at my Website from 10-2014 to 12-2014 are Excerpts of “The Trilogy.”
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Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ FavoriteThe Trilogy: The Other Book of God – Do you know the Only Book of God? by Brenda “BJ” Pearl Walton is a nonfiction, inspirational book that can be read as a transforming encounter with God — the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It can also be read as the author’s interpretation of life in the light of faith, looking past appearances to discover God’s hand in the realities of life. In the heart of this book is the powerful message that we are chosen by God. With compelling biblical references, the author couches her message in a language that is simple and accessible. Weaving her personal experience of faith into the work, the author covers a variety of topics, including faith, love, hell, God’s will, life and relationship, God’s purpose for humanity and a lot more. This book will help readers understand their origins, redefine their purpose in the light of God’s word, and understand how to connect with the Grace that saves and empowers them.Brenda “BJ” Pearl Walton’s writings are for those who sincerely desire to have a powerful encounter with God and those who are honest seekers of their ultimate destiny. This book will change the way we look at ourselves and will prepare us to enter into deeper levels of relationship with God with greater freedom and ardor. I enjoyed the apt and relevant references, the moving examples, and the insightful style of writing in The Trilogy. This is one of those great books one needs for meditation, for prayer, and for reflection. It was an eye-opener for me, packed with wisdom and powerful insights. It’s really inspiring.