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The True Blue Revolution
What if a politician couldn’t tell a lie? That is the premise of an intriguing new book by Jerry Willbur. The world as we know it is now over! The psychopaths are here! Coming out of hiding in plain sight because of breakthroughs in brain scanning, they appear ready to take total control. Completely unencumbered by conscience and compassion they appear to be unstoppable. Then an anonymous and accidental hero emerges. Other surprising forces coalesce. The battle for the future of America, the True Blue Revolution, begins! Originally written in 2013 and then revised in 2015 before the 2016 elections, this book is eerily prophetic. If you like satire and dream of what could be, read on. Using the newest research in neuroscience the author explores both the future of psychopathy and the role of positive psychology in shaping a new person and a new future. What can be done to awaken the American mind to the threats around us? what practical solutions are there to build a culture of creativity and compassion. One common person does uncommon things, driven by the desire to rescue and restore the family and country he loves.