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The Truth That Lies Between
W. D. McComb, author
When he’s not busy trying to win over the girl of his dreams, Case Reynolds fishes, camps, and races three-wheelers on a local farm with his best friends, the carefree Jack Masterson and brilliant Jet Townsend. But Case’s life changes forever when he finds the murdered remains of a local drifter in a barn, the beloved farm comes up for sale, and Jack’s abusive stepfather Stone disappears without a trace. The evidence points to all three events being connected. And when the boys discover that not only are they prime suspects in the drifter’s death, but the future of the farm depends on exposing the truth, they set out to find Stone and catch the killer on their own. Their secret quest takes them on a journey of danger and self-discovery that they never could have imagined. Because Stone had dark secrets, killers will kill again, and the truth isn’t always what it seems, even between best friends. Can Case and his friends execute their plan to bring justice to those who deserve it and find a bit of redemption for Stone—and themselves—in the process?
McComb neatly combines a coming-of-age story with a whodunit in his promising debut. In 1985, Mississippi teenager Case Reynolds and his two best friends, Jack Masterson and Jet Townsend, decide to build a secret cabin on the property of the best friend of Case’s late grandfather. That venture turns much more serious after Case discovers a pile of human bones. The remains are suspected to belong to a local itinerant known only as the Vagabond, but when Jet examines them more closely, he finds clear indications that the person they belonged to had been shot through the shoulder blade. The mystery of who was killed, and by whom, is compounded after Jack’s stepfather vanishes. And those puzzles may connect with questions about the late Alton Hall, a county sheriff who resigned after being charged with narcotics trafficking and embezzlement, and whose fatal shooting three years earlier was deemed a hunting accident. McComb maintains suspense without sacrificing characterization. Believable portrayals elevate this above the typical tale of adolescent amateur sleuthing. (Self-published)
Carolyn Haines, USA Today bestselling author of over 80 books

From the opening sentence of THE TRUTH THAT LIES BETWEEN, it’s clear that Case is a narrator with a story to tell. In this remarkable book that puts me in mind of STAND BY ME, Case captures a time and place and the deep currents of friendship and shared secrets. The narrator’s voice is clear and true. For those who love Southern literature, this is a must read. Grab a glass of iced tea or a drink, kick back, and travel through the coils of time to feel the repercussions of past events. This is a book that highlights how experience shapes us all, for good or bad. Highly recommended.

Darden North, author of The 5 Manners of Death and IPPY winner

W.D. McComb skillfully shows us that it’s not so quiet down on the farm. THE TRUTH THAT LIES BETWEEN is a coming of age story about three Mississippi boys and close friends who must explore their own strengths and fight their own demons—while seeking the truth to save themselves. ​McComb masterfully takes the reader on a spinning ride of emotions, mystery, plot surprises, and character redemption. A detailed, often unpredictable story, the novel draws readers deep into the minds of its characters and immerses them in the unique richness of the South.