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The Unexpected Resolution
A midnight wedding, Army veterans who face repercussions of two different wars, and a very startling wedding guest. Wedding days are special, but they don't usually pack as big a surprise as Jolie and Scoobie's New Year's Eve nuptials at the Jersey shore. Scoobie never knew much about his family -- and after the way he grew up, who could blame him for liking it that way? A 9-1-1 call during the wedding changes everything. Suddenly Jolie has to help Scoobie figure out what he wants to know, and determine who seems to want a long-lost family member dead. Knowing more about Scoobie's past could change their future together. The unexpected wedding arrival may cause even more complications. Book 10 in the Jolie Gentil cozy mystery series brings together the close-knit group of friends and zany Ocean Alley townspeople for a very special event.
Orr’s family-focused 10th Jolie Gentil mystery (after Holidays in Ocean Alley) finds sometime sleuth Jolie and her fiancé, Scoobie, preparing for their intimate New Year’s Eve wedding in Ocean Alley, N.J. Then Scoobie’s long-absent father shows up in the local hospital following a car accident. After the father succumbs to his injuries, Scoobie meets the younger brother he didn’t know he had, Terry. As Scoobie and Jolie come to terms with becoming Terry’s guardian, Orr touches on such issues from the past as Scoobie’s abusive childhood and Jolie’s disastrous first marriage. Suspicions that Scoobie’s father’s death was a homicide arise only in the latter part of the novel, along with a suspect, but these developments don’t create much narrative tension. Though Orr doesn’t explore her characters’ psychological states in any depth, she successfully delivers a quiet story about unexpected life events and the honest love that binds no matter what. (BookLife)