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The Unicorn Diet
MK Lorber, author

Learn the science of weight loss without getting roped into a pyramid scheme.

Quick fixes, quack gurus, and folks raving about “the one true way to lose fat” dominate the nutrition universe. Have you ever wondered why you lose the pounds in the beginning of a new plan, only to gain them back plus some? Are you tired of hoping on and off the Yo-Yo diet wagon? Discover the science behind weight loss and never again get caught in a sista’s side hustle.

You’re doing it wrong. Stop spending your hard-earned cash on those juice pills. There is no magic shake. Don’t fall for the super berry hoax. Deep down, you know why those other things don’t work. Inside you will learn the tools to design your own plan, to keep the fat off, and to fit back into your skinny jeans. Do your eyes glaze over with articles on the latest research? No problem. In this challenging but conversational book, MK Lorber breaks down all those swanky science terms into easily understandable concepts. She’s even included cute infographics to illustrate the key concepts. Melissa crafts slightly inappropriate food trivia, dad jokes, and plenty of sarcasm with a tongue-in-cheek approach to the weight loss process. More than that, she reveals a step-by-step guide and practical solutions, which folks can tailor to fit their unique circumstances.

Will this be the year you lose the baby weight and keep it off? Will you complete that race on your bucket list? Or will you finally take control of your health and live yo’ best life? This book won’t win any awards for literary prizes for pretty prose, but it just might be the diet manual that turns around your crazy train.

Buy The Unicorn Diet today and start your journey toward finally losing the fat, forever.

Lorber’s high-spirited, eminently reasonable guide to intentional weight loss lands squarely in the category of diet books promising straight talk, offering a crash course in nutrition rather than yet another gimmicky crash diet. Lorber, an optometrist, cheekily acknowledges that she first came to her subject as an amateur—“another exhausted, middle-aged parent who had to figure this out on her own.” But she demonstrates throughout the book both a practical understanding of the science of nutrition and the ability to communicate that understanding with wit and clarity.

Lorber lays out what she’s discovered in crisp, clean prose, always with an eye toward what readers need to know. Her chapters are lean, but marbled with humor and conversational asides. (She apologizes, when working through some relatively complex material, for the text briefly resembling “acronym vomit.”) Her explanations of fat types, antibodies, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (“just a swanky phrase for the amount of energy required for your body to return to baseline after a hard training session”) boast a welcome verve, as does her advice. On exercise, she writes, “Find something you love, or just walk until you do.”

Lorber has tough words for “charlatans and diet companies” who promise readers and consumers more than their latest plans can deliver. The Unicorn Diet argues, in engaging and tightly structured chapters, that a slow and steady approach to intentional weight loss (monitoring calories, changing sleep habits, developing an exercise routine, incorporating these new habits into your sense of self) remains the healthiest path. Dieters seeking a down-to-earth guide will appreciate this one.

Takeaway: This witty, science-backed book persuasively advocates for dieters to take the slow and steady approach.

Great for fans of: Joel Kahn’s The No B.S. Diet, Michael Greger’s How Not To Diet, Glenn Livingston’s Never Binge Again.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A-
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: B+