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The Unknown Epic

Children/Young Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Sixteen-year-old Airik lives in the House of Jesus Orphanage where he goes to school and hangs out with his friends. He thinks he's just a normal teenager. All he remembers of his past is the vision of his parents dying in front of his eyes. Oddly, Airik's psychology teacher, Vikram Gandhi, knows more about Airik's life than he does. In fact, Vikram played a major role and has been waiting for the appropriate time to reveal all. Meanwhile, Airik is having weird dreams. To find answers about his parents and his childhood, he decides to meet with Mr. Gandhi. Before he can get all the answers, he's teleported to a new dimension called Duvollin, a world of fantasy and magic. He stumbles upon an unknown epic, and he discovers shocking truths about himself. What Airik learns is shocking. Everything he thought he knew about his life is a lie. He must decide if he will accept the fate marked upon him or fade into oblivion like the rest of his sort.