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The vagabond and malign
Jay Spice, author
Happiness is inevitably impossible, it is only temporary. Newspapers have been informing the public that a BTK killer is still on the loose. Meanwhile, word on the street is that the number of cyanide poisonings is on the rise. No one really knows or even cares what is going on behind the scenes—except for the offender and their chosen victim. Abel Allan and Lavinia Shepard have been living two separate lives killing people as they saw fit thanks to each of their illegitimate parent. Once they encounter each other for the first time, it becomes a race to see who can kill who first until something very strange happens—they fall in love. This twisted Romeo and Juliet tale soon takes a turn for the worse when "Romeo" and "Juliet" themselves find out their horrific authenticity. Despite the chaotic events and how the now antagonistic protagonists try to make things right, it is soon discovered that one of them is still a criminal at heart. But what he/she doesn't know is that their witnessed actions has turned a bystander into an amateur cold blooded revenge seeker.