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The Vatican Conspiracy
The Vatican is in conflict. Conservative Cardinals want to preserve the faith as it is. Their liberal counterparts oppose them and want it modernized to reflect current thinking. In particular they support the work of a group of academics (the Dialogues) who are recommending changes. The Pope, a conservative hardliner, opposes any change and appoints a Ukrainian Cardinal, known for his authoritarian views, to make the problem go away. The Cardinal uses his religious connections to find a fundamental sect (Christian Heritage Society) and his political connection to an attache at the Russian embassy, to locate an interrogator. They are instructed to work together to eradicate the problem. One by one the Dialogues begin to disappear. These activities do not go unnoticed. Interpol assigns an agent to investigate these disappearances, as well as the connection between the Cardinal, the attaché, and the Society. He follows the trail from Rome to London, from Oslo to Toronto, and from Lyon to Southern Spain. What he discovers triggers a power struggle within the Vatican, which threatens the Papacy and the very existence of the Church.