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Paperback Details
  • 05/2015
  • 978-0-9930777-1-5 B00R07U0B0
  • 460 pages
  • $15.99
Virginia Burges
The Virtuoso

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Ever since her emergence as a child prodigy Isabelle Bryant has only ever known one love – her violin. Then, aged 32, at the height of her career, the unthinkable happens. What do you do when everything depends on the dexterity of your fingers, only to lose them in a horrifying instant? Devastated and vulnerable in the aftermath of her accident, Isabelle struggles to find new meaning in her life. Her perilous path of self-discovery leads her to Vienna, the historic city home of her musical hero, Beethoven; and into the arms of the man who will become her lover. As her personal journey progresses, she takes on new opportunities and has to face disturbing revelations, all of which have the power to make her or break her – all over again.
Burges’s powerful novel is about one woman’s struggle to find purpose and love after a tragic loss. Talented violinist Isabelle Bryant, known to the critics as Beethoven’s Babe, can no longer handle the instrument after her husband attacks her. With the support of her good friend Hortense, a successful jazz musician, and her manager, Gerry, she embarks on a new life, writing for a music magazine, and reconnecting with her estranged sister and father. Along the way, she uncovers a shocking truth about her ex-husband and begins a romance with a successful businessman named Daniel. Their relationship is tested by Isabelle’s trust issues and Daniel’s location, as well as a previous girlfriend, but with their friends’ help, they work through their problems and strengthen their bond. Isabelle also begins to overcome her fear of public speaking and gives talks about overcoming obstacles, ultimately finding her purpose in musical education. The novel is rich in music and musical history; on a research trip to write about Beethoven, Isabelle walks through his former homes and performance halls, and there is much discussion about a modern attempt to re-create the Stradivarius violin. A page-turner and moving journey filled with romance, Burges’s novel shows the possibilities of moving on beyond tragedy. (BookLife)
'A Modern Day Beethoven Story'

For music lovers and book lovers alike, The Virtuoso offers complex themes and human emotion with notes of musical comparisons. The protagonist, Isabelle, feels that the violin is an extension of her body. It is her life. Unfortunately, her husband, Howard Miller, a conductor, is the sore spot in her life. His jealousy turns everything into an argument. As his anger and drinking grow deeper, Howard’s manipulation of Isabelle grows darker. Isabelle decides to run away from him but is physically attacked by Howard, resulting in her losing two fingers on her left hand.

When she wakes up in hospital, Isabelle realizes her flourishing music career is over. She does not give up completely on music, though. After battling her depression, she goes to Vienna and writes a feature article about Beethoven. Follow Isabelle on her path of healing and finding a great opportunity to help others through the power of music.

The beautiful reflections on music, on life, on love, flow effortlessly across the page and nestle in your mind as you stop to make your own thoughts. 

Highly recommend to any lover of music, character development, and simply good writing.

Amazon UK

If you love strong heroines and a wonderful romance this is the book for you! A lot of musical education but not so that it got in the way of the story, more that it bought substance to the background. Marvellous colourful story!

Amazon UK

A real page turner - I was given this book so had no idea what to expect when I packed it for my holiday. Wow, I couldn't put it down. Beautifully written, interesting details, great plot. When is the next book coming out? Carol Pickerin


Amazon UK - Captivating read

The story line sucks you in to the point you are there. Brilliant book. Well done. The music is so lovely. What a lovely idea to have a piece of music written for the book. Excellent.

Beautifully written.

I can't believe this is Virginia Burges' first book. I love her professional literary style. The characters, as well as the story, have real depth. A gripping plot with a dark undertone. Can't wait for her next book to come out.


The story and the writing held my attention from first page to last. I learned a few things about Beethoven too. ~ Edward Shannon Jeter

Goodreads Review

A powerful, beautiful novel, with a page-turning plot and an inspiring heroine. Can't wait for the author's next book!

rhapsody in words

I am grateful to have met Virginia and to have been part of Isabelle’s story through music. Her novel, The Virtuoso is powerful, beautiful, and very human; and sure to touch many hearts like it did mine.

The Bookbag

After a vicious attack ends her professional career as a violinist, Isabelle Bryant must find a new purpose in life that still incorporates her love of classical music. Burges has crafted a compelling story about how one woman turns tragedy into opportunity. (She has also been a classical violinist, so it is no surprise that she discusses music with loving familiarity.) Despite sobering elements, this is ultimately a heart-warming tale about starting again when life seems over. ~ Rebecca Foster 

This was a good and touching story

The cover is beautiful. I was surprised at the end of the book by how much I enjoyed it. It was one of those books that was hard to put down, but also; a book I didn’t want to finish too fast. It was a great book. It was written well. Also, not too long. I would definitely re read this book in the future.

Live Interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio

Nick Coffer interviews Ginny Burges about her debut novel, The Virtuoso, as well as playing an excerpt from the contemporary classical music soundtrack that was written to accompany the novel.Ginny collaborated with film composer Tim Johnson and violinist Adelia Myslov to create a musical narrative that portrays her heroine and the story. 

The music is available on YouTube along with the links to iTunes, Amazon and the streaming services where it can be purchased.

Violinist's Tale of Changing Lives

The Virtuoso is featured in a full page of editorial coverage in the Dercember issue of Buckinghamshire Life Magazine.

Paperback Details
  • 05/2015
  • 978-0-9930777-1-5 B00R07U0B0
  • 460 pages
  • $15.99