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The Wandering Investor

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

This book takes the reader on a unique journey around the world in a discussion about various economies, my personal adventures along the way, business outlooks and observations for each country, lists of recommended activities in each country with a focus on outdoor adventure experiences, and lessons learned in terms of both travel and business. Given my experience as an investment advisor and what I would consider to be a deep knowledge base when it comes to global adventure excursions, I believe this writing provides a much different perspective than your average travel or investment book. It reads like a thriller in detailing extreme activities such as skydiving over Queenstown, New Zealand, while weaving in the details mentioned above. I will cover my travels across 17 countries spread out across six continents. As of the time of this writing, I had visited 28 countries. This book is the culmination of five years of work and thousands of hours of research in terms of country-specific macroeconomic data, information about local laws and regulations, historical facts about specific countries, and recommendations for mostly adventure-related activities to do while in a country. I have learned a lot through the years by studying individual businesses and macroeconomic developments, but I learned more through the process of writing this book than anything else.
Self-Publishing Review

"Self-made investment specialist Brendan Hughes shares his wisdom and jaw-dropping life experiences in The Wandering Investor. Unlike most books on economics, travel or business, this comprehensive memoir easily reads like a novel, but delivers real-world advice that can literally be taken to the bank. This makes the advice and insight not only more palatable, but also more accessible for those curious about finance, particularly younger people who may be intimidated by the field. Hughes can don a journalistic or academic voice, but also the casual, carefree attitude of an adventurer that always manages to keep a good head on his shoulders, making this book an enjoyable and educational delight."