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The Way Is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness
If Jesus is the Way and Jesus is love and the Bible is truth, having the love of Jesus in our hearts is the way to abundant life on earth as it is in heaven! Many of us have aspects of our lives we would like to change. Anyone who doubts that need only look at the self-help section of online or brick and mortar bookstores. Since more and more are published each year, it’s reasonable to assume they don’t work – at least not for everyone. In the meantime, the one book and person who can help are sometimes overlooked. God’s Word and His creative power are the answers to healing and transforming your life. In his book, The Way Is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness, author Errington D. Cumberbatch teaches you how to use the principles found in God’s Word to change your life and your way of thinking. You will learn how to recognize good thoughts versus toxic thoughts and to raise your level of awareness. You’ll learn that you can speak things into existence, whether financial shortages or gains, sickness or health, failure or success. God wants to be involved in all aspects of your life. Cumberbatch will teach you to walk in love and forgiveness and how to program your spirit for success. When you bring faith into your heart, you will see God’s creative power to change the circumstances of your life.

The Way is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness

Errington D. Cumberbatch

iUniverse, 204 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781491788851

(Reviewed: May 2016)

Are you battling disease, addiction, or depression? Have you tried conquering your inner fears, but can't shake feeling worthless? Errington Cumberbatch believes he has the answers you need to be healthy and whole. Based on the course "Walking in Wholeness" by Health to You Ministries, Cumberbatch's book The Way is Love explains that biblical love and forgiveness are the keys to spiritual and physical health.

With the plethora of self-help books on the market, Cumberbatch feels that people have overlooked the one that works: the Bible. He weaves scripture with scientific research (most notably the findings of neuropsychologist Dr. Caroline Leaf) to show how our thought lives are making us sick. "Most diseases are the result of sin," he states, and "our own words can change our immune systems for better or worse."

In easily accessible prose, he teaches how to align our thinking with godly love and forgiveness to eradicate toxic thoughts like envy, self-hate, rejection and bitterness.

Writing in a way that fosters self-examination, he provides simple prayers to help readers change the way they view themselves and others.

Throughout, Cumberbatch offers examples from his pastoral counseling, including one woman who discovered her alcoholism was caused by an unloving spirit that entered her life through jealousy as a child. By recognizing the root of jealousy and separating herself from it, the woman defeated alcoholism.

The author’s book is written from a conservative Christian point of view (with passages noting, for example, that “marriage involves a man and a woman,” and that a woman should be submissive to her husband). Those who don’t already ascribe to the author’s point of view may find themselves put off by such assumptions. For those who share Cumberbatch’s beliefs, however, the author gives concrete tools for spiritual and physical healing that will inspire and motivate readers seeking complete health in spirit, mind and body.


The Way Is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness

 Errington D. Cumberbatch

iUniverse (Apr 8, 2016)

Softcover $13.99 (234pp)


This book will be helpful to new Christians and to those who feel that there is a disconnect between their beliefs and their lives.

The Way Is Love: How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness by Errington D. Cumberbatch explores how biblical living can change a person’s life.

People desire change, newness, and wholeness, yet few achieve what they are aiming for. Cumberbatch argues for an alternative approach, asserting that physical and mental healing can come through “God’s Word and His creative power.” The book delves into the simple yet deep ideas of love and forgiveness that God demonstrates and asks people to emulate.

Cumberbatch believes that the power of God and of living out the principles in the Bible can transform anyone’s life. The book explains how spiritual teachings can answer the problems of the world, from secular issues like racism to spiritual issues like demonic activity. Arguments unfold through clear, simple writing, Bible verses, and the stories of real-life people.

Though much of the text is positive and concise, almost aphoristic at times, it does not shy away from messy, painful topics. For example, Cumberbatch contrasts God as a father with the faults of human fathers; he also explores what forgiveness and love really look like in a marriage. In examining these tough topics, the author shows where practical ideological shifts are hardest to achieve, but also the most transformative.

While the book primarily focuses on biblical teaching, it introduces some ideas from outside of the scriptures as well, such as a study showing that thoughts change people’s brains and bodies, effectively altering the realities of their lives. Cumberbatch uses such research to help bridge the gap between what the Bible says and the challenges of daily life.

The volume will be most helpful to new Christians or to those who feel that there’s a disconnect between what they say they believe and their own lives. It will appeal to Christians open to the idea that the spirit realm is real and active, as it argues that events can allow spirits like fear or abandonment to enter a person’s life.

Cumberbatch is a pastor and counselor ministering in Barbados. His voice throughout the book is caring, wise, and compassionate, and shows his expertise in the Bible and in helping people who are suffering and who want the transformation that the Bible promises. His tone, along with the real-life stories he shares, makes the book feel personal and the transformations it promises seem possible.

The Way Is Love is a useful spiritual guidebook that offers freedom and hope to Christian audiences.



THE WAY IS LOVE:  How to Walk in Love and Forgiveness

Errington D. Cumberbatch

iUniverse (234 pp.)

$13.99 paperback, $3.99 e-book

ISBN: 978-1-4917-8885-1; April 8, 2016


This debut self-help guide, written by a seasoned pastor and missionary, aims to guide readers to a life full of kindness and love through inspiring Bible verses and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In his book, Cumberbatch tells readers how he believes they may use principles found in the Bible to improve their lives and ways of thinking. He emphasizes the importance of distinguishing “good thoughts” from “toxic thoughts” in order to connect more deeply with the world, both physically and spiritually. Often citing the studies of Christian neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, he also discusses the importance of meditation and positive thinking, noting that “meditating on good things, like what the Bible teaches, improves moods” and that “with healthy thinking we build up portions of our brains that produce happiness.”   Inspired by his success bringing his “Walking in Wholeness” course to Barbados, where he was born and where he and his wife worked as missionaries for several years, Cumberbatch includes helpful steps to aid readers in applying what they’ve learned to their own lives. As such, the book is full of feel-good inspiration that will appeal to readers from all walks of life, religious or not. Certainly, it will resonate more deeply with a Christian audience, as its structure is built around the analysis and discussion of various Bible verses; its core message, however, that a life full of positive thoughts and love is most fulfilling, can be appreciated by all. The input from Leaf’s research adds an engaging scientific element that reinforces Cumberbatch’s main points about stress and its effects on our physical bodies, and although mixing religious theory with scientific study can often be precarious, the author achieves his intentions by steering away from pseudo-scientific tropes and instead focusing on the basic tenets of cognitive behavioral therapy and how they relate to biblical teachings.

An inspiring Christian advice book recommended for those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible’s teachings and apply it to thinking more positively in their own lives.

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