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The Weight

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Lawyers, Lies, Corruption, Money, and Murder!  A father-daughter legal team scheme to keep their fortunes and law licenses, while Texas Matters Magazine and one of its young journalists frantically fight for their survival battling a “bet-the-company” libel case.

Prominent Fort Worth attorney Jace Forman is retained to defend a young reporter named Leah Rosen, against a lawsuit lodged by Cal Connors, a flamboyant plaintiff lawyer.  Connors contends he has been maliciously defamed in an article written by Ms. Rosen entitled Texas Justice Gone Wrong.  The article exposes a multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by Connors on the Texas jury system and catches the eye of the US Attorney who launches a full-scale criminal investigation into Connors’ conduct.  During the investigation, it is revealed that Connors’ law partner and daughter Christine entered into an illegal settlement with an insurance claims adjustor, who subsequently fled the country and was later found dead in a luxury villa in the French Riviera.  Cornered and desperate, Connors and his daughter go on a scorched-earth offensive, taking the reader on a riveting ride through gruesome murders, a lurid kidnapping and complex interpersonal relationships, climaxing in a dramatic courtroom showdown.

Crouch puts his years as a litigator to good use in his third legal thriller featuring Fort Worth, Tex., attorney Jace Forman (after 2015’s The Word). Jace is approached by Cal Connors, a prominent colleague who specializes in going after Big Pharma, about representing him in a defamation suit. The magazine Texas Matters has published a cover story accusing Connors of paying off an expert witness to file false reports about a medication’s side effects. After passing on the opportunity, Jace ends up on the other side, defending the reporter, Leah Rosen, against Connors’s claims. Meanwhile, Leah’s piece has prompted a federal investigation into her target by an ambitious federal prosecutor, and both Connors and his colleague and daughter, Christine, don’t balk at considering murder to protect their interests. Crouch extends the suspense outside the courtroom with the acquittal of a creep, Michael Randazzo, who once abducted and tormented Leah and is now working on an elaborate revenge. Fast pacing and believable characters will make this a treat for fans of Steve Martini. (BookLife)

This intricate legal thriller moves at a quick clip in a fascinating, corrupt small-town setting.

In classic legal thriller style, Hubert Crouch jumps into The Weight with an ambiguous murder plot, one to be untangled piece by piece as the story moves along. 

The Weight is an intricate legal thriller that focuses on the interactions between the defense and the prosecution, all set among small-town corruption and backroom dealings. 

Kirkus Reviews

"With typically taut and colorful prose, Crouch (the Word, 2015, etc.) enlivens even the thorniest legal concepts that propel his intricate plot...A thoughtful and high readable legal thriller."



5 STARS!  WINNER - SILVER MEDAL IN INTERNATIONAL BOOK CONTEST:  "The Weight by award winning author Hubert Crouch is a unique thriller and the third book in the Jace Forman legal thriller series. Hubert Crouch has a knack for writing prose that is tight and with emotional insight. This story will absorb thriller fans that also enjoy compelling courtroom drama. The plot is complex and there is so much in it to wow the reader. ...I love stories that feature great and vivid descriptions with plot- driven dialogues that do not come across as forced, and the author masterfully blends the two aspects of storytelling in this compelling story. The characters are awesome. I loved the way the antagonists of the story are created...The Weight exceeded my expectations and I was absorbed from the beginning to the end. "