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The White Circle
L.J. Hodgson, author

Just how far would you go for family?

Eleven year old twins Alfie and Rosie Tanner had always lived with their grandmother, believing her to be the only family they had. But, on a rare school trip to the local castle, they would discover that not only did they have a much bigger family than most, but one more powerful than any.

After the twins, along with their best friends Billy and Emma, are chased through the castle by the school bully Charlie Benson, they are guided to a distant magical land. Once there, they are met by a mysterious woman, who tells them that their father is lost, but their mother lives. Although alive, she has been bound by spell, and now serves the most perilous of wizards. A tyrant of a wizard, who in order to rule had dispensed with his entire family, has invoked a law whereby only a certain level of magic is allowed, and is protected by four white faceless guardians.

With no idea where they are, but determined to free the mother they had never known from her bind, the young travellers go on to experience the many wonders, and dangers of this strange and magical land. Along the way, they are taught magic, make their first ever magical trade, and come face to face with wizards, witches, dragons and giants. They discover that there is much more to their lives than they could ever possibly have imagined, and unwittingly, pay a visit to the most magical place ever known.

Can Alfie and Rosie save their mother? It’s an enormous task, but they're certainly prepared to risk their lives trying.