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John Adcox
The Widening Gyre
John Adcox, author
In our darkest hour, King Arthur, Queen Gwenyhwfar, Morgan le Fay, and the Knights of the Round Table have returned. In the city of Atlanta, an eccentric university professor introduced three young men to the Secret History of the World, and a search for an ancient treasure begins. Meanwhile, a novice priestess has dreams of forgotten rituals and a coming apocalypse. As she undergoes an initiation ceremony, two ancient conspiracies prepare for a final conflict. And as two young people find love, a bitter rivalry is reborn. Riots rock the world. A few select people experience the unexpected return of “lost” memories from a long ago life and feel an irresistible urge to gather, while others prepare for war. It is humanity’s darkest hour. In the day of our greatest need, King Arthur, Queen Gwenhwyfar, Morgan le Fay, and the Knights of the Round Table have returned as promised. But shadows from the past may destroy them before the last desperate battle even begins. The Widening Gyre envisions a dangerous future that is all too believable. In fact, many of the events predicted in the book have already started to come to pass. More than a warning, The Widening Gyre offers a glimmer of hope for our own darkest hours.