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The World Explored, the World Suffered: A Philosophical History of Psychology, Cognition, Emotion, Consciousness, and Actions
A review of the Philosophical History since Anaxagoras converted Socrates from being a natural investigator to being an investigator of the mind. Greek Philosophy culminated in the Hylomorphic Philosophy of Aristotle which was the first systematic exposition of Philosophical Psychology which lay dormant throughout the middle ages until Kant renewed interest in the attempt to "know ourselves". Kant's Critical Philosophy was then overturned by a romantically inspired Hegelian attempt to dismiss Reason as the primary method by which to achieve insight into the mental. Science countered Romanticism with its pragmatic methodology that fostered a divorce between Philosophical Psychology and so-called Scientific Psychology. Modern opinion is now divided on the matter of the necessity of the divorce. This work investigates the History of the problem of Psychology.