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The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian, 2nd ed.
THE WRONG STUFF: FINDINGS OF A FORENSIC GRAMMARIAN (2nd edition) by Howard Denson has been described as "Strunk & White’s ‘Elements of Style,’ mixed with the Comedy Channel." As a self-help aid, the book helps the aspiring writers to make their way across the battle field of the Prescriptive Grammarians (with their black flag of linguistic doom) and the Descriptive Grammarians (with their white flag of surrender to almost any language usage). It devotes chapters to "How to Read The Wrong Stuff," "Everyone Makes Mistakes," "The Dog That Didn’t Bark in the Night," "Does Anyone Check Copy Anymore?", "Some Words Creep into Usage on Cat’s Feet," "Don’t Accentuate the Negative . . .," "A Matter of Theology, Anatomy, and Points of Grammar," "School Marms Laid down the Law," "Did the Good Ole Daze Ever Really Exist?", "We Don’t Need No Stinking Copy Editors!", "Audiences Don’t Fancy Certain ‘Fancy’ Words," "Test Your Knowledge of Grammar and Style," "What the Devil is a PLAYP-en?". "Inverted Sentences and Wordy Framing Devices," "Shooting Fish in a Barrel," "A Last Word," "When You Find a Grammar Corpse," "What Insights Should You Have Gained?", "Appendix: Frank Green’s Rules for Proofreading." A new chapter, “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” is designed for aspiring novelists who need to rid their manuscripts of the “deadly –ing openings.”