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Things Every Employee Should Know About Their Job
Aisha Adele, author
If you have just got your dream job for which you have been studying all your life for then welcome to the adult life. Now that you will be making your own money, you will also be paying your own bills and tasting the freedom because you are financially independent. However, just like how you would expect a good pay and respect from your job, in return you must also give something. This article focuses on the things every employee should do and know about his/her job.

You Can Be Replaced

As negative as that sounds it is indeed the bitter truth. When you get your dream job you would feel over the moon. Especially if you get a high salary and are happy with your colleagues. However, overtime just like how you would expect a raise, your employer will also expect more work from you and this could take a toll on your personal life. Most of the people cut ties with their family and stop going out with their friends as they are busy working and making money. It is important to know that if something happens to you tomorrow your employer will immediately hire someone else to replace you but it is your friends and family that will miss you the most. So although work is important to make sure you balance it with your social life.

Also never compromise on your health, if you feel that your work is taking a toll on your health then it is time to slow down. Also be alert, in some cases workplaces are exposed to dangerous chemicals such as asbestos which can cause cancer. If you ever come across something like this, stop your work immediately. In fact you need to bring this to the notice of your court so do file a case. There is a new no win no fee policy where a certain company promises to return your money back if you don’t win the case. So in such a situation, you don’t even lose money. Don’t ever turn a blind eye to such things because it could have a detrimental effect on your health.

You Have Certain Rights

Most of us are afraid to speak up to our seniors because of the fear of losing our job. However, every country has laws for employees and you should be aware of them, this way you won’t be exploited by your employer. So whenever you feel that you have been treated unfairly for example there is discrimination at work then feel free to bring it to the notice of the court. There could even be harassing and bullying, so if you have ever experienced it or see someone else going through it make sure you stand up. Your voice could save someone’s life because often when people are bullied it affects their mental health and they end up committing suicide.

Lastly, the world is not a bed of roses, so there will be times you will not like your job so that doesn’t mean you find faults in it. Only when you see something serious going such as the examples given above you need to take serious action against it.