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Ed Sherman
This Is B1G: How the Big Ten Set the Standard in College Sports
Ed Sherman, author

This is B1G is the official history of the Big Ten, the first, largest and most successful conference in college sports. Published by the Big Ten, this lavishly-designed coffee-table style book is 352 pages with more than 80,000 words of text and 300 photos that tell the compelling story of the conference dating back to its founding in 1895. There are profiles of iconic Big Ten athletes such as Jesse Owens, Red Grange, Jack Nicklaus and Magic Johnson and coaches like Woody Hayes, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Bo Schembechler and Bob Knight who left indeliable marks in sports history. Long-time Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany writes the foreword and also provides behind-the-scenes insights in a section that examines important events and decisions that made the conference what it is today. A Timeline recalls many memorable games, game-changing developments and more. Big Ten fans and alums of conference schools will want to read how their favorite teams, athletes and coaches made history by changing the face of college sports. This is B1G can be purchased at

Sportswriter Sherman delivers a celebratory, but balanced, look at the history of Big Ten sports in this photo-packed volume. Sherman starts with the 1895 gathering of representatives of seven Midwestern colleges that took place in Chicago, which paved the way for establishing uniform rules to “relieve intercollegiate athletics of some of their more objectionable features”—such as ensuring that participants were all full-time students. Interspersed throughout are colorful photos of athletes, coaches, and fans, and while famous athletes such as football player Red Grange (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign), basketball star Magic Johnson (Michigan State), and golfer Jack Nicklaus (Ohio State), are covered, Sherman highlights lesser-known figures, such as coach Kelly Amonte Hiller, who arrived at Northwestern University in 2000 and guaranteed its first recruiting class of women lacrosse players they’d win a championship, kicking off a streak of seven national titles in eight years. Uglier moments—such as Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes’s assaults on players during the 1970s—get their due as well. This official history will be red meat to devoted college sports fans. (Self-published)
It really is a BIG Book

Bob Amussen of the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette writes that at 352 pages and weighing 5 pounds, This is B1G has the size and scope of a book worthy of the Big Ten.