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This Is NOT A Sob Story

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

JOIN THE VIP CLUB. There’s never been a media disaster bigger than this; there’s also never been a more perfect one. When you’re Oscar royalty, you never dream of fame and fortune being a fabrication. Nineteen year-old Olivia Ashbury would bet hard cash on that, until the night she realized she was starring in the biggest conspiracy to hit the New York Times: her life. Or at least her illusion of it. You may not remember her, but you know her all too well. Before, Olivia Ashbury’s name resonated globally through your YouTube pages, demolished primetime television and polished itself beside high-priced brands: until the unthinkable happened. Now it’s your turn to access the gated communities, live like an Idol and hold the behind the scenes information on the scandals Perez Hilton can’t attain and the Illuminati covered up. It’s with this series of memoirs that Olivia will begin to tell her journey from stardom to the downfall that leads her to question the throne on which she rules. Everyone’s favorite Barbie Bitch may be a piece of art, but the ugliness coiling inside of her will burn her Angel wings and Ignite the true nightmare within. Who ever said heroines were pure?