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This life is beautiful
Lamia Islam, author
This Life Is Beautiful Beginning with Aalinna's unique images of Dhaka, the cosmopolitan capital of the newly forged nation of Bangladesh, This Life is Beautiful charts three decades in the life of Aalinna and her family, beginning with her privileged yet traditional upbringing from childhood to early adulthood. After a sudden death in the family, her once idyllic life begins to unravel and her along with it. A diagnosis of Bipolar rocks her and her family. Moving from east to west and back again, she navigates the bureaucratic confines of the medical system. Facing the prejudices of institutions, family and friend, she continually battles with her sanity and identity. \t\t\t \t\t\t\t * \tA triumph by any standard, Aalinna's victory over adversity is made ever more fascinating by the circumstances under which she must contend with her illness and with the number of lives she touches along the way.