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C.G. Rousing
Author, Service Provider
Thoughts To Die For
C.G. Rousing, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Levi Levy has no idea how powerful thoughts are and that his life depends upon them. That’s because thought-sifting isn’t something that’s taught in schools in the Earth Dimension. But everything changes when Levi is invited to participate in a remarkable program in the 11th Dimension, and he begins to discover not only the secret to getting exactly what he wants from life, but the true meaning of magic. From the unexpected way he enters the dimension, to the thrilling curriculum and eccentric faculty at his unconventional school, Levi finds himself questioning everything he’s learned about life, and closer to unraveling his true identity.

This YA Fantasy is more of what I'd call a New Adult Fantasy. It has great crosover potential. Older folks, like myself, are going to enjoy this as much as, if not possibly more than a younger audience. The protagonist is a sophomore in high school who, due to changing circumstances, finds himself in a situation where he realizes that his thoughts have a great impact on his experiences. He then become aware that controlling his thoughts is more of a challenge than he realized. It's is a brilliant, yet practical premise. The action moves throughout, as does the element of fun. It is a rich, thought-provoking and insightul. The only downside is that the second, follow-up of the series isn't out yet. I look forward to reading more from this author.

C.M. Angelo

C.G.Rousing enchants, inspires and entertains her readers in this profoundly imaginative journey of unearthly adventures! Readers of all ages will deeply connect to Levi (the book's main character) and his quest to find purpose and meaning in life... I will eagerly await the arrival of Volume II. A fantastically gifted author is born in C.G.Rousing!!! I want more...

Graf Van Kurt

This is an awesome read. I met the author in a small southern California ocean town. I started reading the book out of respect for meeting her as I actually bought the book for my children. However, the story intrigued me more and more and I had to keep reading it. I like the positive vibe of the book. I am almost done and my kids are all lined up to read it next. Can not wait for another book from this very talented author. Well done!

How Rousing Rolls

Wow! That was the most well-spent $14.00 I've spent in awhile. What a fun book! If you're into anything metaphysical and how thoughts influence reality you'll LOVE this one. I highly recommend this read for parents to read to the little ones, too. It really makes one think about how thoughts and feelings help to create your life experiences. I'd love to see this as a movie one day. It seems to be a sleeper at the moment awaiting to be found. Looks like it was self-published so it's probably not getting the exposure it deserves. Reminds me, ideology-wise, of Jim Carrey's book - How Roland Rolls. I get the impression this author, C.G. Rousing and Jim Carrey are on the same wavelength. Very cool. I'll be gifting this book to everyone I know! You go Rousing!


I received this book from the author with a lovely inscription on it.

This was such a great book. I really liked the premise of this book which was; if you can think it, it happens. It was also a different take on school; Levi took a few scheduled classes and the other classes were learned through life experiences. This was such a positive book, it brought my spirits up while I read it as it came to me at a perfect time in my life. I could have devoured this book in a day but I didn't have the time. There's so much to learn about the world Carolyn created and I wanted to experience it all. The possibilities were endless. The sifter which was what they called the kids that came from earth like Levi, they all had bags and they would think of an object and they would take it out of their bags. I thought that was so cool, you just think about something and then it's right in front of you, I wish I could do that! There's an assignment that they got which was to write all of their thoughts down
and for every bad thought, replace with a good one. That stayed with me and I think of that now and my day goes a lot smoother. When they started developing powers, oh my God was I laughing. Their powers developed to be the thing you most thought about, I'll give you a hint... what do teenage boys think about all the time? Think about that one.

I felt like the characters were well developed, like I learned a lot about them. Levi was leaving a life that he was bored with and did not want, he wanted to be challenged. I really liked reading from his point of view, his reactions to everything because it was all new. Sarabella was so funny, people say she drank too much crater water lol. Crater water was like a mass of water that the "sifters" would go in when they came from Earth, it took away unnecessary thoughts and clothes. It gave you what you wanted and it relaxes you. She was so underwhelmed by everything that happened because she had seen it all before. Garby, he always had something unique to say or do. Alphia had times where she was absolutely hilarious.

Feeling his way around the cool hardwood floor Levi yelled "Alphia, are you ok?"
"Abandonment, followed by physical abuse. Best day of my life." (Said Alphia)
Levi followed the sound of her voice.
"Reminds me of the time you took me for a ride in the basket of your bicycle and hit the curb." (Said Alphia)
I literally laughed out loud when I read this!
And I can't forget to mention the villain, so cruel and obsessed with power.

I give this book 4/5 enthusiastic stars! To me this book was more than Levi's story, it really inspired me to have more positive thoughts in my life. I think the only thing that was missing for me was a romantic relationship between the characters, not the main characters since they were pretty young but a love story between adults in their world. I wondered how that would work since everyone is telepathic to some degree.

I want to thank Carolyn for being so patient with me.