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Through the Eyes of an Innocent Child
Have you ever thought of how children really feel while they are trapped in a war zone, surrounded by nothing but chaos? Did you ever stop and consider what goes through their minds and what is felt in the hearts while their childhood is ruined, lives interrupted, and dreams shattered in the most heartless way? Ever wondered what it might feel like drifting to sleep under the echoes of grenade explosions or walking to school dodging bullets? Through the Eyes of an Innocent Child is a memoir told by a young girl who was unfortunate enough to experience it all on her very own skin, all because of a senseless war lead by merciless leaders who pursued their brutal actions to achieve some delusional ideologies. Through the Eyes of an Innocent Child aims to depict and convey the real feelings and thoughts of a child, and give insight into their small, innocent world while being overshadowed by the stench of ammunition powder and escaping the sharp edges of the shrapnel. They were the forgotten children, totally abandoned by the rest of the world. They felt hopeless.