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Throwing Off Sparks
Michael Pool, author
Riley Reeves specializes in cases of missing or at-risk girls, taking risks in her work like other investigators take breaths. Intelligent, dedicated, and focused, Riley has a heart as hard-boiled as it is soft, and an introspective mind devoted to finding answers. Guided by her best friend and de-facto conscience Latonya “L” Johnson, Riley will stop at nothing to protect her clients and solve their cases, whatever the cost. In Throwing Off Sparks, on the same day that a socialite East Texas couple hires Riley to look into the mysterious stalking of their sheltered daughter, Riley’s alcoholic older brother and last living relative, Chip, is released from the state penitentiary under mysterious circumstance of his own. As Riley uncovers a tangled web of trouble the girl has waded into, Chip jumps straight back off the wagon and stirs up deep troubles of his own, which soon land at Riley’s doorstep. As pressure ratchets up from all sides, personal and professional, will Riley be able to save the girl without neglecting her loved ones at the time they need her the most?