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Rob Kelley, author
Harry Kavanagh, a wealthy mutual funds manager, is found bludgeoned to death with a fire place poker in his living room. His beautiful, pampered, trophy wife, Tiffany, is discovered walking in a daze down by the old Moxley Covered Bridge with no recollection of the event. When the deputies search her white Mercedes sports car, they find the bloody murder weapon in the trunk. Sheriff Grady is certain he has a slam-dunk case, and charges her with first-degree murder. When a local doctor, with a yearning for helping people in trouble, finds traces of the amnesia-causing drug Rohypnol in the suspect’s system, she becomes convinced that Tiffany is being railroaded. She organizes a dream team of people with different skills to solve the mystery. A LIGHTHEARTED MURDER MYSTERY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE. IF YOU LIKE SMALL TOWN, LOW BUDGET SLEUTHING WITH A CEREAL BOWL OF COLORFUL CHARACTERS, YOU’LL ENJOY TIFFANY.