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Time Flies
Why buy this book? I haven't got the faintest idea, when you can buy any book around, written by known and famous authors. What's this book about? - The wisdom and folly of man probably. But before you shell out your money, it's not about sex, it's got no murder in it, no car chases and nobody finds a horse's head in his bed in the morning. This is merely a collection of stories, telling of a few little adventures that befell me while traipsing through this planet. It's a pretty good planet actually, as planets go and it is the one we got. So, the Muse just hit me one day and led me to pick up a few snapshots from an active life played in seemingly unconnected arenas. It appears so only because we live in a world of specialization. College, that last preparatory pit stop before entering the big race, emphasizes majoring in a trade or a discipline that will enable the practitioner to pay his mortgage on time. High-tech and finance may of course turn the tables on any traditional projections of success. I was compelled to do my thing. Turned out that it wasn't one thing, it was lots of things. Then I woke up one early morning shortly after midnight, and asked myself whether I can afford this? No, was the short version answer. So are you going to keep at it? Yes, was another short version answer. I was committed to follow my interests and delve into things that I felt I can master, eventually control and lead. I am a lousy follower and joiner. It never worked for me. In a nutshell, that's what the book is about. You might enjoy it. After you done with it, I would love to hear your thoughts, you might be able to explain it better than I did. Enjoy!